Trial and Error Determines Best Email Timing Strategy to Maximize Response

Vicki Powers

The timing of email marketing campaigns is an age-old debate for those in the industry. Everyone wants to optimize the timing to improve open rates and sales. "It's not necessarily the best day, but when can you stand out in the inbox," says Morgan Stewart, cofounder and CEO of Trendline Interactive, a marketing consulting firm. "It's nice to be the one thing sitting at the top of the inbox."

Ideal timing varies dramatically by company, notes Stewart. A pizza company might realize that Friday at 4 pm is the best time to tempt its customer base with a pizza special. Or a motorcycle gear company might send emails on Saturdays when its customers think about motorcycle rides. Stewart says that the best way for companies to get ahead is to try to understand their target market and how their product meets those customers' needs.

The timing of email campaigns definitely impacts campaign results, says ...
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