6 Tactics for Niche Marketing

Leslie Van Zee

If you've been doing any online marketing at all, your business is already on Twitter, Facebook and taking up space as an online advertisement on all eligible websites. However, aiming ads at your business’s niche market should be much more involved than merely creating a display ad that begs for Facebook “likes” or following as many Twitter users as possible in hopes they’ll return the favor. Here are six outside-the-box tactics to help you reach your niche market. Fine-tune your copy: Carefully staging the appropriate SEO keyword phrases throughout your advertisements and blog postings will help draw targeted consumers to your website. For example, as your neighborhood’s resident yoga studio, you could create blog postings expounding upon “7 Heart-Healthy Yoga Positions” or “Yoga Options in Trinity, Florida.” You can better serve the interests of your niche market by researching phrases that your target consumers are searching on Google. Utilize lifestyle marketing techniques ...

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