Why Marketers Will Rule the World: The Rise of the Marketing Technologist

Kelly Hushin

Our wonderful Associate Marketing Director (who also happens to run the marketing campaign for our very own eTail conferences), sent me an article last week about how marketer would one day rule the world. As I often do with articles sent to me by colleagues, I clicked the link, then left the window open in my Firefox browser, promising to get to it soon. I have a phobia of closing tabs. I fear that once they’re gone I’ll never find them again. This irrational fear leaves me with no less than 25 tabs open at any given time. BUT every once in a while it pays off. As I go through my weekly tab cleaning spree in hopes to close as many as possible, I sometimes land on a gem that I KNEW would be worth reading some day. (Yeah yeah I know, why don’t I just use bookmarks, right? Let’s not go there…)

Anyway, I came across this article in Social Media Today, written by Maggie Fox, founder and CEO of Social Media Group, and as I skimmed over it I realized it was not only worth reading, but worth sharing with all you marketers out there.

Says Fox at the start of the article: ...

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