Social CRM and the Great Power Shift

Shannon Aronson

Social media has created an unprecedented shift in power in the marketing landscape. Marketers can no longer completely control conversations pertaining to their brand. While this may seem like a scary prospect, social media also makes troves of data available to marketers. This social data, coupled with online and offline data, allows for deeper segmentation and targeting.

Social media has raised the bar in terms of customer relationship management. According to CRM expert and author Paul Greenberg, social CRM, or sCRM, is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a system and a technology, designed to improve human interaction in a business environment. It goes beyond social listening and customer service, placing loyalty and one-to-one marketing front and center.

There is a distinct need to provide customers with a unified experience across marketing channels, including social sites. This experience must be based on consumers' behaviors...

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