Marissa Mayer Rolls Out a New

Brad Stone

Yahoo may be one of the Internet’s most beleaguered companies, but, its primary landing page, remains one of the Web’s most trafficked sites. It had 119 million monthly visitors in January, up 9 percent from a year earlier, according to ComScore (SCOR). Now, Yahoo! (YHOO) Chief Executive Marissa Mayer is giving her company’s crown jewel a radical polish.
The revamped, which goes live on Wednesday morning, represents Mayer’s boldest attempt yet to remake and update the Web giant she took over last July. Most visibly, the redesign draws on a key element of Facebook (FB) and Twitter, introducing a “news feed” of live, endlessly scrollable content, which includes news stories, videos, and messages from advertisers. Users who sign in with both their Yahoo and Facebook credentials will see news stories tailored to their...

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