B2B Marketing: A Discussion About Integrating Mobile, Email and Social

David Kirkpatrick

B2B marketers are falling behind their B2C counterparts in focusing on serving the needs of mobile users, even though more B2B customers use smartphones.

Only 33% of B2B marketers are designing emails for smartphones, according to the MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, while 41% of B2C marketers design smartphone-specific emails.

Yet, B2B marketers report that an average of 13% of their audience reads email on a mobile device, as opposed to 10% for consumer marketers. Business users have tended to be at the forefront of smartphone adoption, first with the Blackberry, and now increasingly with the iPhone or Android devices. And CMOs ranked social media along with mobile smartphone and tablet adoption as the two new developments that will most affect email programs in the near future.

To help marketers reach a mobile audience, the recent MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012 in Las Vegas covered this very topic in the "Mobile Marketing Panel: Integrating mobile campaigns for the complex sale."

We were able to grab two of those panelists...

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