Q1 2014 Email Trends and Benchmarks

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Email continues to thrive as a vital touchpoint in the customer journey.
However, the number of touchpoints is constantly expanding. Consumers today engage with brands via email, social media, online display, websites, mobile, in-store displays and more at various stages of the marketing funnel.
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The Retail Transformation

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Building long lasting brand loyalty
Consumers are interacting every second, of every day with technology that connects them to friends, family, and their favorite brands. Leverage the excitement and opportunities of this digital age.
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  • Leveraging the excitement and opportunities of this digital age
  • Marketing to the individual
  • Closing the gap on customer expectation


Winter Games 2014 Look Book

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During the month of February, we monitored the marketing campaigns across all channels that were inspired by the events in Sochi, Russia.
Our Winter Games 2014 Look Book highlights the best campaigns of the Winter Games, and reveals why our judges thought these brands' tactics placed them on the podium. You'll learn how:

Gmail Tabs: An In-depth Analysis

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Are Gmail tabs hurting email marketers?
In the three months since Gmail's tabbed inbox was fully rolled out, there's been significant speculation around the impact on the state of email marketing performance. So far, it's clear that the inbox change at Gmail is not as cut-and-dried as email marketers would like it to be.
Epsilon's new study takes into account several factors—including smartphones and seasonality—to measure the effect of Gmail tabs on consumer engagment. Click here to download your copy.

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