Is This Your Year to Become CMO? Three Tips for Getting There

Allen P. Adamson

Is this the year for you to move up the rung in your marketing job to become CMO?

As we all know, the "Mad Men" days of marketing are long gone. Back then, all one needed to move the needle on sales was a great story board and a down-and-dirty promotional strategy, not to mention the downing of a dirty martini or two with clients.

Today's CMO must deal not only with the complexities of marketing, organizations and social change, but understand, leverage and quantify the evolving array of media options. Not to mention the increasing internal pressures from CEOs and CFOs. No advice can guarantee that you'll land the job, but Greg Welch, a recruiter who places more CMOs than anybody, by a wide margin, has three suggestions for anyone who wants to be a CMO...

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