7 Top Online Marketing Trends for 2012 [Data Included]

Heidi Cohen

While our 2011 marketing forecasts were on target, the big surprise was the lack of a major marketing campaign that attracted and held consumer attention. This may be attributable to the evolving nature of social media and expanded use of smartphones and other connected mobile devices.

Combined with 2011's top three news stories, this translates to a different type of marketing outlook for 2012.

1. Revolts by ordinary civilians. From the Arab Spring to Zuccotti Park, the great silent majority took to the streets empowered and supported through the use of social media and mobile devices. More importantly, the world paid attention.

2. Japanese tsunami. An earthquake followed by a tsunami not only caused extreme loss of life and physical damage but also revealed that the world is connected beyond nation interests in a global marketplace of real-time news, ideas, and products.

3. Steve Jobs dies. The world lost Apple's iconic founder whose vision for products we didn't know we needed changed how we market, consume, and engage with technology....

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