Simplifying Mobile Creative – A Path to ROI

Marcus Startzel

Scott Montgomery, the Executive Creative Director at Bradley and Montgomery, recently wrote an article for Ad Age focusing on the importance of moving quickly in the advertising world. At the heart of Montgomery’s argument is the idea that when a brand or agency has a creative plan—they simply need to execute. Delaying can lead to second guessing, changing market conditions, and numerous other issues.

This is true in mobile as well. Brands and agencies often come up with innovative ideas and unique campaign goals, and it is a major focus for us to create unique tools that will help them achieve these goals without jumping through hoops or waiting months to execute.

Through our mmStudio platform, we give brands multiple options to make the creative process as simple as possible: they can have our team build their creative, they can work with a 3rd party rich media vendor like Crisp or Celtra, or they can even use wireframes to build ads themselves. For many brands/agencies, the most efficient (and cost effective) creative will feature assets that are repurposed from other mediums, and by giving agencies the option to design ads themselves, they have a chance to be in complete control, both over the look and feel, and the length of time it takes to execute.

Mobile is a unique marketing channel, and advertisers can hit certain campaign objectives that simply aren’t possible in any other medium (i.e. Reaching an auto intender while they are on the lot!). Once a brand has determined campaign objectives though—it’s time to execute. Whether it’s an expandable banner—or a “next generation ad,” like a fully branded interactive game—building mobile creative shouldn’t be thought of as a constraint to achieving results. Brands should find the process that works best for them, and in most cases, it will be the one that ...

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