The 2012 Inbox: Mobile's Impact - Reloaded

Derek Harding

Eighteen months ago I wrote a column about the inbox of 2012 and in what seems like no time at all the inbox of 2012 is here. How were my predictions? Mixed, I think. While aspects of each of the four have come true, I wouldn't say my hit-rate was all that spectacular.
Let's review. I made four predictions:

  1. 1. Mobile email usage is smaller than you think
  2. 2. Progress will be slower than expected
  3. 3. Mobile rendering will match or exceed that of desktops
  4. 4. The future is mixed use - not mobile exclusive

Mobile Email Usage Is Smaller Than You Think
I think of this as a hit and a miss. Technically, what I said about mobile email still being smaller than desktop usage is true. Furthermore, the numbers actually still are smaller than many of the headlines would lead you to believe. (Beware of headlines comparing mobile and desktop open rates. These are not apples-to-apples comparisons since mobile devices typically default to loading images while desktops do not.)
However, mobile email usage has grown to the point where today it should be a key consideration in the design and creation of messaging and that growth is certainly going to continue.
Progress Will Be Slower Than Expected...

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