Hotmail's New SWEEP Feature

Dennis Dayman

If you haven't heard, Hotmail is looking at taking the old This is Spam button and bringing it into the 21st Century. Coming to a Hotmail inbox near you will be a new feature called "Sweep" which essentially does just that, sweep's unwanted email away from your inbox, but without the consequence of taking a negative hit to a senders reputation score.
Why are they doing this you ask? Well it is simple, many of us know there is a gray area in email that isn't outright spam, but isn't something you really care about as well like a personal note from your friends. Per Hotmail, Sweep is a virtual broom that lets you super easily "sweep" the mail you don't want out of your inbox into either folders or oblivion, leaving your inbox clean.
The great thing about the new “sweep” feature for managing gray mail is that Hotmail users can get the same result, i.e., not receive the gray mail they don’t want, but it won’t negatively impact the sender’s reputation score....

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