Get to Know Your Customers With 'Interactive' Email

Tal Nathan

Email marketers have always been affected by the technical limitations of the channel. In short, you can't build interactive emails: forms get stripped out in Outlook, Flash doesn't work, you need to design to the lowest common denominator, etc. For years, email marketers have been patiently waiting for Microsoft and other ISPs to widely roll out interactive email, but despite some recent inroads with Hotmail and HTML5, the waiting continues. However, if you're looking to iteratively profile your customers, you don't need to wait for the introduction of new-fangled technologies. You can start down that path today.

The following are some good and fairly easy-to-implement examples of how brands are using a variety of approaches to improve engagement and gain critical insights that can be leveraged in future communications.

The Product Poll - Kodak Gallery

Knowing what features your customers like best about a product is extremely valuable feedback for both product development and future marketing efforts. In order to get this information, the most reliable way is to simply ask them. Kodak Gallery did just that in its monthly "Exposure" newsletter...

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