You’re Doing it Wrong: 80% of Social Business Efforts to Fail by 2015

Nur Bremmen

It’s one thing knowing that your business needs to get on board with social media — that much has become self-evident, it’s quite another doing so successfully. The rewards for getting social media right are fairly significant. According to research company Millward Brown, there’s a direct correlation between how successful a company is and how well it uses social media.
Do it wrong however and you will have wasted a lot of time, money and resources for nothing.
As more and more companies hop onto the enterprise social media bandwagon however, the number who fail to use it properly will also increase drastically.
According to tech research company Gartner, enterprise social networks will soon become the primary communication channels for noticing, deciding or acting on information relevant to carrying out work. By 2016, it reckons that ...

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