Why Optimization is Part Data and Part Instinct

Michelle Eule

inShare.1 PrintShareCommentAd effectiveness studies have been used for more than a decade to measure the branding impact of online campaigns. Results from these studies, as well as aggregate industry knowledge, have helped advertisers design better media plans for future campaigns. Enter real-time data, which allows us to learn what's working in a specific campaign, and make changes while it's still in market. These changes help advertisers save money by reducing wasted, ineffective impressions and ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right consumers. But, there are rules that should govern the correct way of optimizing online branding campaigns and at the end of the day; optimization is part data and part instinct. The numbers alone shouldn't be the exclusive guide to your decisions. Common sense and experience are often just as important and should guide you through the following considerations for campaign optimization:....

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