What I Learned About Email From My 91-Year-Old Uncle

Kara Trivunovic

My great uncle is 91 years old. He is crabby and cranky -- and, in his own words, "ain't got much more time in these old bones." Keep in mind that he has been saying this for at least 20 years, so I don't worry too much about it anymore.

He recently moved into assisted living (he needs a little more help these days then the family can support), and so we have been going through all of his things. It’s amazing what a 91-year-old man has -- like 91-year-old socks! But I digress. In all of the mess, we did discover something that I found very interesting: V-Mail.

In WWII my uncle was a Torpedo Man Second Class. And during this time, the government would provide V-Mail, or...

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