What Grade Is Your Email Program Entering?

Kara Trivunovic

So today was the day -- the day that I got my 4-year-old twins registered for kindergarten. My youngest, my babies, were growing up. Where did all the time go? I remember wondering if my husband and I would survive three kids under the age of three when they were born. And now look at them.

I think ahead to August and realize that I will have all three of my tykes in school all day, every day of the week. The house will be quiet, that’s for sure. But it made me glad that I live in and relish every moment and memory with my kids. I have never wished for them to grow up faster, yet their growth and development never ceases to amaze me. And while I admit, those special moments are far more special than the email marketing analogy I am about to draw. Ah, you knew it was coming!

It happens to us all. In the blink of an eye, time has passed with little recollection of what happened in those moments. Growing email programs are very similar -- you started with nothing and now you have 4 million subscribers. But has your approach and context around the messaging stayed the same? At a recent Global Privacy Summit, the idea of the Privacy Maturity Model was discussed (no, I wasn’t there --I am certainly no privacy expert -- but a close friend and colleague was) and the milestones discussed really resonate with email...

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