The Value of the Omnichannel Approach

Andrew Kokes

For a long time, customer engagement channels—voice, e-commerce, mobile, and social—have been viewed as separate and distinct customer interactions. However, successful customer engagement occurs when these channels are seamlessly blended and put into context. Today's technology allows us to talk, text, email, chat, send pictures, network with friends online, or tweet at any moment. It is the customer's choice; these channels represent opportunities at specific moments of truth to build loyalty. The key to bridging the gap from multiple individual and distinct channels is shifting from a multichannel to an omnichannel perspective.

The traditional multichannel strategy is one of control and offering nonintegrated options. The omnichannel perspective is a release of control to the customer, who already has the reins anyway, allowing him to choose his channel of choice. Omnichannel embraces the voice of the customer that says...

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