Ticketmaster Scores Points in Tracking Email ROI

Al Urbanski

A loyalty card linked to an email address may soon form the basis of a simple solution for marketers looking to integrate on- and offline sales metrics. It's something that several enterprises and software providers are currently working on and should bring to fruition within the next two years, claims Rhett Thompson, cofounder of CoreMotives, a Silverpop unit that creates marketing automation programs for Microsoft's CRM system.

“One of the reasons that loyalty programs are growing and will keep growing is that they can take that online-offline integration further,” Thompson says. “Say you have the typical consumer who goes online to research a product and then goes to a store to make a purchase. If you add a loyalty card to that purchase, the ID number creates a loop that can tie that whole experience together. This is really the where we are going.”

Thompson's company made a step in that direction when it helped clients...

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