Three Email Marketing Bottom-Line Success Metrics No Program Should Be Without

Karen Talavera

When it comes to measuring email marketing results, there’s plenty of undue obsession with tracking basic process metrics like deliverability, opens and clicks. While each of those measures is obviously important, it’s the bottom line contribution of email marketing to your business that ultimately matters most.

True, if you can’t successfully deliver email to in-boxes no one will even know you’ve sent it; yet the reality is few legitimate marketers have serious problems with deliverability (on average industry-wide, 90% of email marketing messages make it through). Next, if subscribers don’t routinely open your email it makes no difference that you sent it, so while the open is important, it’s just the tip of the response iceberg. Finally for most companies, if subscribers open but then don’t click or call, there is little or no measurable value from the campaign other than a brand impression.

So, unless the sole objective ....

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