Social Media in the Workplace? Don’t Be Silly, We’re ‘Inbox Workers’ Says Study

Nur Bremmen

As so-called “Information Workers”, email takes up a lot of our time. A new study takes a stab at exactly why our inboxes have increasingly magnetic qualities, reveals why social media in the workplace hasn’t caught on yet and gives surprising insight into our email habits.

We get a lot of email. Mimecast, a supplier of cloud-based email services, revealed that we receive an average of 39 emails per day — most of it (29 or so), useless. Its Shape of Email Report also indicates that we are repurposing our inboxes as file servers, which can be awkward, as the report estimates that an average message search can take as long as two minutes — companies that have migrated to Google Apps will beg to differ, but they are believed to be in the minority.

The report estimates that it all adds up to an average inbox submergence of four hours per day; equivalent to more...

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