Rebuttal: Email's Job 1 is Revenue, Not Conventional Wisdom

Christopher Marriott

I’ve had a lot of bad ideas in my time. Many of my friends were only too happy to point that out to me in the wake of Ken’s newsletter last week. Like the time I used my first pick in a fantasy football draft to take a kicker. Or the time I ordered a “bowl of death” at a Korean restaurant (I didn’t know which would kill me first, the temperature or the spice).

But I must beg to differ with Ken regarding what he labeled the “Worst. Idea. Ever.” He was referring to my suggestion that sending an unsolicited email to someone who visited your website was potentially a great new tactic for email marketers (or at least something worth a look). Now to be honest, I as I wrote that column for iMediaConnection I knew I was touching the third rail of email marketing—sending an email to anyone other than someone who has subscribed to receive emails from you.

I find it interesting just how radioactive that topic is...

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