Presidential Election Voting By Email – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Christine Borgia

Email is a communication channel that is becoming increasingly vital for the management of critical information. People depend on email for order confirmations and receiving and printing travel and event tickets. Additionally, people rely on email for valuable local alerts about weather, traffic, and other emergencies. Users have immense expectations of how their email will perform, even free webmail. They expect to receive all the messages they want and none of the messages they don’t want, within seconds. They also expect to be able to trust the messages they receive.

While society continues to use email to do more urgent things, industry standards, mailbox providers, and technology struggle to keep up. Mailbox providers are challenged with providing a service that is fast, accurate, and protects users from fraud.

New Jersey implemented a vote-by-email process for residents who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Voting by email is fraught with challenges and...

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