Marketers, Ready Your Aim for Holiday 2012 Now

Denise Zaraya

Not ready for the holiday season yet? Your customers are.

There are officially 77 shopping days until Christmas, assuming that you are one of the brave souls that waits it out to fight the crowds on Christmas Eve Day. There are even fewer days until Hanukkah, with only 61 days before the Festival of Lights begins.
To many of us procrastinators out there, 60 or 70 days seems like an eternity. But here's the kicker. Many people have already started - and in some cases already finished - their holiday shopping. If you aren't already reaching out to holiday 2012 gift buyers with your advertising messages now, you are missing a crucial opportunity to increase holiday revenue.
Although late November and December are usually considered the most critical time to advertise to holiday shoppers, 40 percent of consumer shopping activity begins significantly earlier…

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