Make Your List and Check it Twice: 5 Steps to Executing a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign (Any Time of Year)

Kristin Hambelton

From email and social media to SMS and mobile apps, today’s digital marketers have a wealth of channels and data sources at their fingertips, ripe for creating and executing that engage customers and prospects. However, as we look ahead to 2013, it’s important to remember that successful campaigns begin by putting the right steps in place. Here are 5 best practice tips for executing successful digital marketing campaigns.
1. Dedicate Resources
The first step when creating a digital marketing campaign is ensuring that you are investing in the appropriate resources. For digital marketing, this means hiring staff that can help you to implement your strategy and reach your goals—that is, individuals with the right skill sets to plan, execute, and measure successful campaigns across a variety of digital media. It also means maintaining the financial flexibility to acquire automation software/tools to augment your staff’s efforts and allow campaigns to be targeted more precisely, executed more quickly, and measured more comprehensively.
2. Integrate Media...

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