Leveraging Dynamic Content in Email Marketing

Andrew O'Halloran

Relevancy is the key to getting results in email marketing—which means striving to customize the message, product and service to each recipient. Because a message has only so much space and a recipient only so much attention, it's critical that your message be strong, targeted and precise.

The good news is that relevancy in email marketing can be achieved by using dynamic content, a method for customizing parts of your email creative with text or images personalized to that specific recipient. For example, a used car dealer that can customize its newsletter and showcase cars based on an individual buyer's profile. John Smith, the low budget car seeker, could be presented with this week's Honda Civic, while Jane Doe, the high budget luxury car seeker, might be presented with the new Lexus in inventory.

With dynamic content, there are unlimited ways to target relevant information to email recipients. Here are three areas that ...

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