Leverage Retention in Email Campaigns for More Profit

Nick Heys

When you are in the midst of executing an email or social marketing campaign — rushing to meet deadlines, pulling together creative, copy and 
getting approvals — it is easy to lose sight of your campaign objectives. As a young marketer, a former boss used to say, "Wait a minute, with this campaign are you trying to win new names or make profits?" Over the years, I learned that all direct marketing activity can be simply put into two buckets: names or profits.

With acquisition marketing, your objective is to win a maximum number of new customer names within your allowable "cost per name" budget. You can do this through paid search, SEO, co-registration, email sponsorship and social marketing. This is how you build subscribers, fans and followers.

However, acquiring new names is an expensive process. As competition heats up, most online marketers take a loss on that first sale. If the objective is to make or grow profits, 
marketers need to see acquisition marketing simply as an 
entry point. The challenge is ...
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