Keeping up with Canadian Email Legislation

Karen J. Bannan

Sending email to Canadians as part of your b2b email marketing efforts? You may want to review opt-in procedures in advance of legislation that could be passed by the Canadian government next year.

Canada's anti-spam legislation was introduced in the Canadian parliament in April 2009 as Bill C-27 in a bid to create the Electronic Commerce Protection Act (ECPA), Canada's version of the U.S.' CAN-SPAM legislation. After going through several hearings, the bill—now called Bill C-28—may be taking effect soon, said Dennis Dayman, chief security officer at Eloqua Inc., a provider of marketing automation and lead-generation solutions. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in early October issued two guideline documents based on previous C-27 work: guidelines on...

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