Integrating Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Liana Evans

Mark Twain once wrote in a letter in 1897, "…the report of my death was an exaggeration." This too can be said of email with so many experts proclaiming its demise. The reality is, email marketing isn't dying just yet, but it is changing. It's becoming more efficient, especially when integrated with your other marketing channels. The trick to being successful at it in today's socially-engaged world is that the marketer has to understand their audience, not just a demographic.

With the growth of social media, experts were proclaiming that surely this was the channel that would kill off email. That couldn't be further from the truth. People still subscribe to email lists because they want to get that information right to their desktop; they don't want to have to go out and search a social community or go to a search engine to find the information that they are interested in. There's a convenience factor to email that a large segment of the general population still finds attractive.

Unfortunately for the user, there's no way to communicate back with an email in a way that appeals to social channels, and most emails come from a generic email address that a human doesn't man. This is where integration comes into play. Remember with your email list you already have a captive audience that is interested in your message; make sure that you give them every opportunity that's available to become engaged with you. This means using a more enhanced means of email marketing than the old-style "list serve" system....

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