How Email Marketing Will Change In A Post-Recession Economy

Mike May

Now I’m no economist, but my wife -- who hates spending money and doesn’t even play Xbox – just bought us a 55” LCD TV. If that isn’t a harbinger of improved economic conditions, I don’t know what is. Judging from all the other huge TV boxes I’ve seen in front of neighbors’ houses on garbage day since the holidays, I expect my wife is not alone in her fiscal optimism. We have made it to the post-recession economy.

It isn’t just consumer spending that has changed, however. Several studies recently have pointed out how marketers are planning to increase budgets in 2013, with lifts in digital leading the way. So now that marketers have a little financial breathing room of their own, I believe they will approach email differently than they have over the past few lean years.

Here are some of the ways I envision email marketing changing in the post-recession economy...

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