How Can Email Marketing Help Support Other Offline Marketing Efforts?

Michael Klein

One of the biggest mistakes business owners can make is failing to find innovative ways to integrate online and offline marketing. The idea that that these should be two completely separate worlds is faulty and limits the way companies can build personal relationships with consumers. Many people who don’t conduct business, shop or browse online still check their emails and will visit an offline company or store based on email marketing promotions. Thus, companies can’t afford to limit emails to simply online clientele. Emails can provide steady, consistent contact for offline clients that hasn’t been possible since the heydays of telemarketing. Emails aren’t subject to the caller IDs and “Do Not Call” lists that reduced effectiveness of phone marketing; while there are spam folders, a good subject line and quality promotions can help a company’s campaign avoid that.

Ideally, email marketing provides a bridge between offline and online worlds. Here are a few ways emails can work in tandem with offline marketing efforts...

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