Going Multichannel

Neil Rosen

A recent survey commissioned by Adobe and administered by Keynote Services looked at how consumers are using mobile sites, apps, and emerging technologies. All of the data was interesting in one way or another to marketers who want to take advantage of multichannel touchpoints in reaching prospects and customers.

But it seems to me that the results were particularly interesting from a CRM point of view.

The study points to the not-unanticipated fragmentation of the overall mobile landscape as to where, when, and how people use mobile devices. New technologies always spark a plethora of uses, not all of which were necessarily intended. Younger demographics prefer smartphones; older demographics spend more money on them. Tablets are emerging (“poised to gain market share”) in a smartphone-dominated market because of people’s preferences for website interaction on a larger screen...

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/193272/going-multichannel....

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