Go Big or Go Home -- With Your Email Strategy & Data Smarts

Kara Trivunovic

“Relevance” used to be the biggest catchphrase in email marketing, followed closely by "it depends," which is a favorite among email strategists (especially Andrew Kordek). However, both these terms seem to be losing ground to "Big Data." We now live in a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day, according to IBM. That data is being created in lots of places: online footprints, purchase behavior, weather beacons, take your pick. We are tracking everything these days, but the challenge becomes making it actionable. Still, when you get your hands on data for your email program, it's time to do it BIG!

In the world of email marketing, where there is big data, you will also find relevance. Big data is a large topic with many facets...

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