Get Organized: How to Manage Newsletters and Daily Deal Emails

Jill Duffy

The cashier at your favorite store offers 10 percent off, as well as exclusive discounts in the future, in exchange for your email address. Your friend recommends a daily deal newsletter that could help you save money if a bargain comes up that's right for you. You've signed up to receive a vocabulary-word-of-the-day email, which you only read on mornings when work is slow. All these messages are graymail, solicited mail that you may want to read sometimes, but are never crucial. Graymail differs from spam in that the latter is unsolicited, whereas graymail comes at your request. While many of us do browse our graymail, it can also be a major source of clutter, especially if it goes unchecked for too long.

Here are some solutions for managing graymail to keep your inbox in check...

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