Four Ways to Treat Your Email Subscribers Like Friends


According to the 60 Second Marketer blog, email marketing is powerful because it delivers your message to a subscriber's inner sanctum—alongside party evites from friends and photos from recent family trips. Because of this, they argue, "You need to develop a relationship with the consumer as well. Otherwise you are just an intruder in a house [where] you don't belong." Here are a few tips for making subscribers think of you as a friend whose messages belong in their inboxes:
Be personable. A friend knows how to spell your name correctly; remembers your birthday; takes note of your likes and dislikes; and speaks to you in an informal, conversational voice. There's no reason why your email program can't exhibit all of these traits as well.
Be consistent. We all have that friend who alternates between bombarding us with messages and disappearing for weeks or months at a time. It gets old in a hurry. So be the friend who stays in touch consistently, and never comes on too strong.
Be concise. "You don't want to be that friend who takes 20 minutes to tell a 2-minute story," the 60 Second Marketer team notes.
Be sensitive....

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