Email Marketing's Most Controversial Subject -- Ever

Christopher Marriott

I'm not going to lie to you. When I wrote last month's column, I knew I was touching the third rail of email marketing -- advocating for the use of email in customer acquisition. I did so for two reasons: First, I revised my thinking and now believe that email is a good channel for acquiring new customers, particularly if you are in B2B marketing. And second, we in the email marketing community need to have our beliefs challenged from time to time so that we don't become so set in our ways that we stagnate. And there is no belief held more sacred than "Thou shall not email without permission."

So I did want to start a discussion -- and I succeeded beyond my own expectations. In an all-time classic article headline, Ken Magill of The Magill Report called the premise of my last column the "Worst. Idea. Ever." The discussion (or should I say the criticism) spilled over into the email list...

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