Email Marketing for the Overly-Connected Consumer


One screen. I worked remotely for a day and had to rely solely on my laptop's monitor. Just. One. Screen! I felt totally unproductive. I realize that it takes at least two monitors for me to reach a sufficient level of productivity and I, probably like many of you, have tried to find ways to add a third. Just imagine the work we could all get done if we were decked out like an air traffic control command station!

Let's face it: multi-tasking across multiple devices is not just for busy corporate workers with a lengthy "get it done yesterday" to-do list. Consumers have integrated and coordinated their devices into their shopping patterns. According to a Google/Ipsos study of consumer intentions for the 2012 holiday season, 80 percent of shoppers planned to use multiple devices simultaneously while shopping. Over half of those multi-taskers shopped using a computer and smartphone at the same time. This behavior is likely to carry over and expand this year. Your ability to capitalize on this trend will factor into your 2013 holiday success.

So, how are marketers preparing for this multi-device consumer?...

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