Email Auto-Filtering - What's a Marketer to Do?

Kara Trivunovic

There has been a lot of conversation recently around the increasing presence of auto-filtering for managing inbox clutter. With companies like OtherInbox, SaneBox, and AOL Alto, the reality of your email communication being filtered out of the inbox and into a folder may be a reality you already face. And if not, it will be one you will likely face soon as adoption of these types of tools continues - both by consumers and business users alike. While there has been a lot of conjecture around this reality, very little has been shared around the considerations we need to make as marketers, such as how it will affect our engagement rates, offer adoption, and impressions on subscribers. Let's dive into these considerations a little deeper.

You've Been Relegated to the Folder

Whether it's a folder or a "stack," your email marketing message has found itself tightly...

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