Cyber Monday: What We Can Learn from the World’s Largest Online Retailer

Margarita Golod

Cyber Monday was hugely successful this year. According to comScore, this Cyber Monday broke records as the biggest day in US history for online spending. Of the top retail websites, online shoppers visited Amazon the most and it had the biggest year-over-year growth of site visits at 36% (source: Experian Hitwise). By using Inbox Insight data, I saw how Amazon’s email marketing strategy for Cyber Monday this year changed, and likely attributed to their large year-over-year traffic growth.

Amazon's Cyber Monday Campaigns Doubled in 2012

When comparing last year's campaigns with “Cyber Monday” in the subject line, Amazon's Cyber Monday campaigns doubled in 2012 while overall performance of these campaigns remained virtually the same. In 2011, Amazon’s Cyber Monday campaigns had an above average engagement benchmark, and this year's campaigns continued to have above average engagement benchmark, despite sending volume doubling. All metrics...

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