Closeness, Not Costumes: Building Successful Marketing Partnerships

Kara Trivunovic

Just how clichéd is it that nearly every single human emotion can be conjured up by a song? Why do any two entities enter into a relationship with one another? Some do it for reciprocity. Some do it to fill a void. Some do it out of obligation. If this were another sappy love song, I’d point out that some fall in love with the mere idea of being in love. Thankfully though, this isn’t a love song, and if I had to speak for the countless marketers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I’d venture to say that they entered into the relationship with their current agencies of record, email service providers or other like entities for the sake of closeness, not costumes. Let me explain.

Note to readers: The opinions expressed from here on out will remain appropriately vague in an effort to disguise the unscrupulous and shield the jilted.

We’ve all heard of rogue acquisition horror stories where mom-and-pop types of shops come out of the gate like the Wild West, trying to secure every customer at any cost – even if that means engaging in acts that they inherently know are just shady. What kind of relationship does that...

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