Are We About to See the Death of the Email Newsletter?

Mark Ash

Contrary to your first impression, that this is simply an article that waxes lyrical about how email is dying or how social media has killed email, I wanted to talk about the very distinct possibility that in the near future, we’ll see the complete removal of the one-size fits all monthly newsletter from the marketing schedule.

Alarmist comment you might say, but just think about it for a second. Email marketing technology has evolved over the last 10 years to provide us with an ever increasing capability to deliver highly personalised and timely messages. Whilst brands have adopted its usage to varying degrees of success, the monthly newsletter is still regarded a staple part of any email marketing campaign. But does it still have any influence? Is it still considered a key part of customer/brand communications? Is our appetite for general news updates a thing of the past?

With investment in enterprise data warehousing, algorithmic real-time data access technologies and marketing automation...

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