Advanced Digital Marketing: Do This, Not That!

Sundeep Kapur

So you need a big list? May I suggest a three-step approach to build up your list? First, try to get more than just one point of contact - ask for an email ID, a mobile number, and other relevant contact information. Second, get the consumer to confirm what they signed up for by delivering their first confirmation campaign in as near real time as possible (don't let them forget who you are). Third, look at the engagement ratio - not just the number of messages sent. For email, your metric should be to continuously improve your opens and clicks over the total number of sends.

You have to find new names but you also have to keep your open rates and engagement high.

So you want to ask for preferences? What is the point of asking for information if you cannot (or do not) use the information to create a relevant dialogue with your consumer? A successful preference strategy...

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