The Answer to Inadequate Metrics

Tony Zito

With today's advanced technology, the best online display ads are rich with website-like capabilities, making ads personalized and allowing customers to have an interactive experience without ever leaving the page they're viewing. A recent Adobe study revealed that consumers who were exposed to interactive ads had stronger engagement, message involvement, and purchase intent than those who saw static ads. What's more, advances in consumer tracking technology have enabled ad creators to feature tailored content that matches each individual's shopping/browsing behavior -- giving consumers a more personalized ad (and brand) experience than any other advertising medium.

Combined, these innovative features not only make ads more noticeable and inviting to consumers, but they also empower them to engage with advertisements without committing to a click. Engagement ranges from scrolling through featured products to searching catalogue inventory to watching a video. Because all this can be done within the ad, it extends the unique experience of visiting a brand site to properties throughout the web.

The dynamic features of this new generation of online display ads have made them increasingly influential in the conversion process, and more capable than ever of attracting shoppers that wouldn't have otherwise returned to make a purchase. However, as is the case with view-through conversions, the value of dynamic display advertising would be completely lost without the ability to track engagement and, more importantly, its influence on user behavior.

The great news is that this capability exists...

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