List Growth Strategies (Part One of Three)

Sundeep Kapur

Email files continue to churn. Attrition of lists is caused by changes in addresses, blocked delivery, and un-subscribes. Then there is passive attrition of your list – this is where your consumer simply stops paying attention to your campaigns. One of the key areas of interest for any email marketer is list growth.
Your quest to grow your email list should be an ongoing process. Should an email id churn, you need to consider running salvage operations to recover.
Start with you bounces and see what caused the bounce. Check the domain name for the email id to make sure that this is not an issue. Take the names of the people that have bounced and assign these names to your other channels to try and find the correct email id for that consumer. ECOA (email change of address) services might be effective under certain circumstances.
Train your people channel to speak to the consumer about the bounce so they can get the updated email id or collect information as to why the consumer has turned you off. If you can recognize ...
Part Two

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