Cart Remarketing: The Secret Behind Online Conversion

Fiona Swerdlow

How would you like to add real dollars to your bottom line? Increase conversion? Boost sales? Bump up that AOV? Of course you would. Now, ask any retailer what their top three barriers to conversion and sales are, and you are sure to hear “shopping cart abandonment” somewhere on that list.
What’s the connection? In two words – cart remarketing. SeeWhy did some research and found that:
•On average, 8% of customers return to a site to buy if the company does no remarketing. With a remarketing program in place, however, that average jumps to 26%.
•Yet – incredibly – just 37% of the retailers do “something” as follow up to a customer visit (though usually something like asking customers to sign up for a newsletter). Only 12% did some cart remarketing of any kind, and even fewer truly personalized that follow up.
All in all, that’s some serious money left on the table...

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