Emails We Love: Copy that Fits to a T

Beth Negus

The last time I was in one of my favorite brick and mortar retail stores, I remarked that it was a great place to find things you never knew you desperately needed.
I get the same feeling whenever I get emails from some of the custom t-shirt purveyors online. Do I need more t-shirts? Lord, no. I—and everyone in my house, for that matter—has drawers full of them. But will a well crafted email get me to check out and often order one of the latest styles? A glance down at the recent purchase from LOLMart on my person right now indicates yes indeedy.
Threadless does a great job hooking me in with subject lines. Discounts? New designs? Sure, they tout that stuff as much as the next marketer. But the subject lines that go in a different turn? That’s what gets my attention: ...
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