Marketing Lessons Learned from the Winter Games: Go Emocial

The 2014 Winter Olympics may be over, but the marketing support around the Games lingers. Consumers are still buzzing about certain campaigns, whether good or bad. It’s true. The Winter Games didn’t have the best track record compared to previous Olympic Games. From concerns over political issues to uncertainty about less than stellar hotel accommodations, consumers made a sport out of poking fun at Sochi dilemmas that surrounded the global event.

Riding the Coattails of the Sochi Winter Olympics

The Olympic Games are here and marketers are out in full force with their 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics campaigns. But not every company that’s pitching an Olympic-themed campaign is an actual sponsor. Numerous brands are trying to ride the coattails of the Games to benefit from the scope and universal appeal of the global event.
Clever brands are creating a tie to the Olympics, but without paying millions of dollars to call them themselves an official sponsor. The strategy: “ambush marketing.”

Taking Marketing Inspiration from Global Events

The long-awaited 2014 Winter Olympics are here! Let’s face it. It’s been a long road to the Sochi Games. Weeks before the Olympics even began, the global event had been surrounded by security concerns and controversy. Despite it all, marketers—both sponsors and non-Olympic partners—have been staunch supporters of the Olympics, hoping to capture a piece of the excitement and lots of consumer attention through clever marketing campaigns.

Cyber Monday Morphs into Cyber Wednesday And Beyond

Did you miss some of those enticing Cyber Monday deals yesterday? Not to worry. While Cyber Monday has come and gone, some of those deals are still lingering. A number of online retailers have turned “Cyber Monday” into more than just a 24-hour event and are extending the annual online shopping blitz by a day or two, or even more. (Phew, now I can buy that sweater that I had my eye on!)


3 Key Trends in Email Marketing & What to Do Now

Yesterday, I posted the big 3 highlights from Epsilon’s just released Email Trends & Benchmark Report.

As a marketer, I enjoy comparing my campaign metrics to the industry as whole and, in particular, I like learning which verticals have the best email performance so I can look to brands in those sectors for fresh ideas.

3 Key Trends in Email Marketing

Epsilon’s just released Q2 2013 Email Trends & Benchmark Report is the classic good-news/bad-news story—strong open rates mixed with declining click-through rates.
The email channel continues to be a top ROI performer—second only to SEO—but still struggles with lack of engagement. Still, there are signs that marketers are slowly making headway in this area. 

What to Email During Hard Times

I'm writing this post from Epsilon's Colorado office, which is located not far from the massive flooding that occurred a few weeks ago. I live in Boulder, less than a quarter mile from some of the hardest hit areas. While we're finally starting to get past being waterlogged, but I'm nowhere near getting past the backlog of emails in my inbox.

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