4 B2B Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore This Holiday Season

Steve Denner

Even B2B marketers shouldn't ignore the holidays, so here are four tips to ensure your seasonal marketing is the best it can be.
With a little more than a month left until Christmas, many B2B marketers will be battling with the dilemma of whether to push to close deals with prospects ahead of the year’s end, or to wait until after the New Year. The other key consideration is how best to keep prospects "warm" during the holiday season.

Using Data Science with A/B Tests: Chi-Squared Testing

Jeff Rajeck

In my previous posts about A/B testing, I made the case that you need to consider the math behind A/B testing, or risk having invalid, or even wrong, results.
My first suggestion is to use sample sizing, but that requires a lot of tests.
Here's how to do something similar without nearly as many...

5 Surefire Email Tips for a Great Christmas

Christopher Marriott

OK, I'm a traditionalist. I refuse to pay attention to anything relating to Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. I like to take my holidays one at a time. Seeing Christmas advertising and store displays before Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving, drives me crazy. However, when it comes to email marketing, it's never too soon to start thinking about Christmas. It's when your ROI is highest, and your ability to attract new subscribers is the greatest.

Hit a Home Run With Your A-B Testing [Infographic]

Verónica Maria Jarski

Although Americans spend $25.4 billion each year on professional sports, sports websites have a conversion rate of just 1%.
How can those sports websites—and other businesses—increase their website sales?
"A/B testing could help you to double, triple, or even...

13 Email Marketing Hacks That Can Help Double Your Response Rates

Emma Snider

INBOUND 2014 was not short on good content. But, despite the large venue, some speaking events were so popular that it was short on seats.
Few things make a speaker feel better than seeing every single chair in their room full. One of them might be watching security guards turn attendees away who are clamoring to get into your session due to fire codes. I wouldn’t know, but you could ask Matt Heinz.
There were a lot ...

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