43 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your Lead Gen Content

Amanda Sibley

So you just created a piece of content for lead generation -- congrats!
While it's tempting to go and celebrate, you're not done just yet. You can't just put a piece of content up on your website and hope that people will find it -- you've got to actively promote it to your audience.
But that's where lots of us get stuck. What else can we do to get people to notice ...

Five Definitions of Multichannel Marketing (including Obligachannel)

Ben Davis

I'm currently undertaking a project where I ask people what multichannel marketing is.
Part of the time I wonder if it's a distraction or even a siren, beautiful but dangerous to pursue.
Many a company has been successful through conservatism or even through making bold decisions about how a customer can't engage with the company - think of GiffGaff choosing not to have a call centre but rely on online communities for ...

5 Key Ingredients for a Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing Campaign

David Saef

Are you for #UpForWhatever?
Bud Light is, and thanks to its massive integrated marketing campaign, the Millennials the company targets are, too.
Previously, companies launched email or TV campaigns, perhaps tied to direct mail or a single platform. Today, brands craft campaigns around one core theme or message and appeal to both mass and targeted audiences by spreading that message across multiple channels, including TV, billboards, email, direct mail, social media, and paid digital advertising...

3 Brands, 3 Social Media Strategies for Halloween

Tessa Wegert

The Halloween holiday is a great time for marketers to get creative and ramp up their social media marketing efforts. Here are three brands with three different strategies.
You can count on Halloween to bring out the creativity in consumers - and in brands, too. In years past we've seen marketers go dark and devilish, embrace the afterlife, and haunt customers' homes.

Epsilon Rebrands as End-to-End Marketing Solution

Al Urbanski

The goal is to flame the perception that technology and creativity live under one roof at the company, says President Andy Frawley.
Epsilon, the Alliance Data-owned company whose menu spans data collection, agency creative services, and cross-channel execution, today announced a “major rebranding” designed to make CMOs aware of its wide capabilities.
“This rebranding is a culmination of a process we started over a year ago called ...

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