Five important channels for effective content distribution

Tom Whatley

The 80/20 rule is incredibly useful. As marketers, for example, it can help show us what we should be focusing our efforts on and what we should either automate or ditch altogether.
While convenient, there’s also an uglier side. For instance, when it comes to content marketing, many marketers spend 80% of their time crafting the perfect piece of content, while only 20% of their time distributing it.
It’s this awkward balance ...

Salesforce: Email still key, social continues to grow

Kristina Knight

According to the second annual State of Marketing report from Salesforce email is still a crucial part of marketers' strategy to reach consumers, but social is seeing the most growth. Salesforce polled more than 5,000 marketers globally to come to their conclusions.
Some interesting findings from the 2015 State of Marketing Report include ...


Natasha D Smith

Hashtags in email subject lines can amplify a message and create a personal connection.
Subject lines are make-or-break time for email campaigns. They are the short window of opportunity to connect with customers in such a crowded space: the inbox. One emerging trend that's helping marketers stand out is the use of hashtags in the email subject line.
“The number one reason why we like hashtags is because of brevity,” says ...

6 Buzz Phrases Marketers Should Take Seriously in 2015

Natasha D. Smith

As a magazine editor, my ear is always to the ground.
I am forever on the hunt for what's in and what's out; what's hot or what's not. One of the best—and most fun—parts of this gig is that I get to listen and report on some of the most impactful trends making waves in the field of marketing and beyond.
Every day, I'm chatting with some of the brightest minds in the business. So I often cull golden nuggets from those conversations about current trends and future movements—sometimes before ...

Why Social Is the New Word-of-Mouth Marketing, and What That Means

Brewster Stanislaw

Word-of-mouth is the oldest, most powerful marketing channel in the history of mankind.
It's so old that it was marketing before marketing even existed. And it's so powerful that it's the most trusted source of product, content, and experience information for nearly every consumer in the world. We'll always trust the opinions of peers and like-minded individuals over marketing copy geared to make us purchase.
Word-of-mouth started with people interacting in person and ...

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