How Can Pharma Organize for Agility in the Digital Age?

David St. John Tradewell

As pharma and healthcare companies embrace the need for digital transformation, how can they ensure that they are set up for success?
I was recently invited to speak at a Brand Innovation Summit in Princeton NJ. Senior representatives from a number of large Pharma and healthcare companies attended the session co-hosted by Hale Advisors and eXL Pharma.

Putting Consumers at the Center of Your Universe

Mark Miller

The acceleration and fragmentation of digital channels has created challenges across all industries. Today, it's our responsibility to engage intelligently and securely with consumers across a number of channels with a focus on a singular customer experience. Pharmaceutical marketers need guidance on how to ensure the customer is at the center of everything they do.
What does it take to achieve customer centricity in this multi­channel world? ...

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